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Edinburgh Panorama

Edinburgh Panorama, August 2012. 600D, threaded in Photoshop CS6Edinburgh-Panorama

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2012 Camera Operator/Editor Showreel

After months of collating footage, editing, reediting well over 10 drafts, it’s finally here! It still needs a bit of tweaking (end title sequence) but other than that, its 99.97% done.

I’ve also uploaded it to YouTube, so the YouTubers can ‘like’ & ‘comment’ etc

Footage featured in the showreel and alongside, my project role(s):

The videos music was produced by the Electro-Swing guru Captain Flatcap,

Track – ‘Funky Farmers’

As mentioned in my previous blog Showreel Update, 2013 is already shaping up to be a good year! This week I shot a charity music video for Macmillan Cancer Research with Shaun Reynolds & Lauren Verrier – new blog on that video – Stand Up for the Love – will be released after the video is live (late Feb 2013) and I have a list of other shoots that will be working on. I’m in the latter stages of creating a Timelapse showreel, since I now have substantial footage; I’m aiming to release this in March.

All collaborations are welcomed with warm open arms!


Camera Work, Editing, Graphic Design, Video Projects

Showreel Update

Righty so my showreel is on the verge of completion. Its taken ages to finalise the right clips to use and i’ve had to leave out some lovely footage but hey ho, it can’t be too long and needs to be diverse.

Footage featured in the showreel and alongside, the role(s) I took on:

The music was produced by the Electro-Swing guru Captain Flatcap, track – ‘Funky Farmers’

All thats left is to complete the title sequence using blender, which has been both an experience and a challenge having never really worked with 3D animation before. Here’s a little preview of what I’ve conjured up:

Blender Titles Test

I’ve so far got the (very enjoyable) camera movements down, but I’m having some issues with  shadows and lighting, so its a bit of a trial and error project. I’ll do some more research and try to sort it as soon as I can and then add it to my showreel. I’m confident in stating that it WILL be up this Feb, hopefully in the next couple of weeks if all goes well!

2013 is starting to get very busy too. Collaborations and talks of a documentary which I can’t wait for, promo videos for a handful of other artists (mainly music), sketches to be filmed, a couple of wedding videos, lots of graphic design, a few claymations written and ready and also finalising my zombie short film sketch before I get tired of it, fingers crossed for everything!

Camera Work, Editing, Graphic Design, Photography, Video Projects

BlueCloud: Grace & Daniel’s Wedditing

Yes I said Wedditing! It’s a ridiculous phrase that I can’t help using when referring to this project, no doubt it’ll creep up again in 2013 when we have a few more weddings in the diary.

Blue Cloud logo transparent 300dpi GREEN copy

So before Christmas, I finalised and posted the DVDs for Grace & Daniel’s Wedding, my most recent major editing process. Working alongside BlueCloud Photography, my buddy Jake and I shot a wedding and I edited it. (Run time: 42mins)

Working with such friendly, welcoming photographers was a real treat, as was capturing everlasting memories for lovely people on a gorgeous summers day. When slowly creeping into the final stages of post, I started thinking about the style of the DVD cover and credits etc. I contacted the guys at BC, acquired their logo font and fashioned a BC Videography slate.


Grace & Daniel’s DVD Cover

BlueCloud Title Slate

BlueCloud Title Slate

Credits (4 consecutive clips)

Credits (4 consecutive clips) – Photography by BlueCloud

The music score was composed by Olivia Egbunike, check out her Soundcloud and like her Facebook page. The tracks will be uploaded in the near future.

Next up is the BlueCloud promo video, which should be released online in January 2013.


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200 Views for Trifled Dreams!


“A love triangle ends in death by trifle. Married couple Rhian and Toby invite Cliff to dinner. Unknown to Toby, Rhian and Cliff have alternative plans”

Well.. kinda, 199 views, so spread it and get to the next big milestone. Had a lovely comment yesterday and I know some of you who’ve watched it have Vimeo accounts, so drop any comment, nice or nasty (hopefully nice)


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