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2012 Camera Operator/Editor Showreel

After months of collating footage, editing, reediting well over 10 drafts, it’s finally here! It still needs a bit of tweaking (end title sequence) but other than that, its 99.97% done.

I’ve also uploaded it to YouTube, so the YouTubers can ‘like’ & ‘comment’ etc

Footage featured in the showreel and alongside, my project role(s):

The videos music was produced by the Electro-Swing guru Captain Flatcap,

Track – ‘Funky Farmers’

As mentioned in my previous blog Showreel Update, 2013 is already shaping up to be a good year! This week I shot a charity music video for Macmillan Cancer Research with Shaun Reynolds & Lauren Verrier – new blog on that video – Stand Up for the Love – will be released after the video is live (late Feb 2013) and I have a list of other shoots that will be working on. I’m in the latter stages of creating a Timelapse showreel, since I now have substantial footage; I’m aiming to release this in March.

All collaborations are welcomed with warm open arms!


Directors Notes Posts

Directors Notes: An Alien Claymation

My latest post for Directors NotesLee Hardcastle pays homage to 1950s B-Movie Horror films in ‘An Alien Claymation’,

“T is for Toilet segment director of The ABCs of Death and claymation master, Lee Hardcastle returns with….

Read it here:

An Alien Claymation - Lee Hardcastle

An Alien Claymation – Lee Hardcastle


Directors Notes: Philip Bloom South Africa Mini Docs


My third post for Directors Notes: 4 mini-docs produced by Philip Bloom whilst on his travels in South Africa.

  • Ponte Tower, Johannesburg
  • Portrait of a Projectionist, Cape Town
  • The Sea Water Drinkers, Durban
  • The Tracker and The Banker, Kruger National Park

Read it HERE

Ponte Tower, Portrait of a Projectionist, The Sea Water Drinkers, The Tracker and the Banker