Canal Panorama

Very very muddy.



Camera Work Recommendations

Here’s a link to a few recommendations on my Facebook page, received from fellow filmmakers and collaborators.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated, positive or negative,  because it gives me the incentive to carry on with what I love doing.

If you would like to contribute some feedback if we’ve worked together, send me an email: iankittdop@gmail.com or recommendations are also welcome on my LinkedIn.


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Not Treasure Island – Audience Review

Audiences reaction in Voxpop form after a performance of Not Treasure Island by Sleeping Trees Theatre.

Nominated for ‘Emerging Artists’
4*s rating at the Edinburgh Fringe festival by countless reviewers

Sleeping Trees are in pursuit of treasure … if they can remember where it’s been buried. Not Treasure Island tracks the treacherous expeditions of Billy Bones and Long John Silver, two of the most feared and despicable pirates on the sea, as well as the quest of young cabin boy Jim. With squids, merman, fires and fishermen all brought to life, and with only a vinyl record player for company, Sleeping Trees bring together a version of the story the likes of which have never been seen, even by the most ravaged of nautical peepers.

Watch the video here on Vimeo or YouTube

Sleeping Trees in Action (Photography by Thom Pearson)


Sleeping Trees are James Dunnell-Smith, Joshua Smith and John Woodburn. Their work is entirely devised, written and performed from scratch, using stories and established texts as starting points of departure and improvisation. The company are currently embarking on their ‘stories project’; the re-creation of stories without the use of props, scenery or costume, encouraging their audience to use their imaginations when engaging with the work, just as they would if they were reading a book.

Twitter: twitter.com/WeSleepingTrees
Facebook: facebook.com/sleepingtreestheatre



Directors Notes: Philip Bloom South Africa Mini Docs


My third post for Directors Notes: 4 mini-docs produced by Philip Bloom whilst on his travels in South Africa.

  • Ponte Tower, Johannesburg
  • Portrait of a Projectionist, Cape Town
  • The Sea Water Drinkers, Durban
  • The Tracker and The Banker, Kruger National Park

Read it HERE

Ponte Tower, Portrait of a Projectionist, The Sea Water Drinkers, The Tracker and the Banker


Santa, A Christmas Claymation

For those of you that don’t know (how could you not, i spammed it so much), last year I made a themed Claymation called ‘Santa – A Christmas Claymation‘.


This was an awesome project that was mostly fueled by Morgan Spiced and biscuits..

Shortly after the video release, a comment popped up on the video (If you know a bit about claymations, this will appeal to you) and Lee Hardcasle (T is for Toilet, Pingu’s/Claycats the Thing) commented on the video. Which to me was amazing!


Sadly as I’ve been busy with ‘normal’ shooting and my full time job, I’ve been unable to make as many Claymations as I like, but I plan to do some over the winter holidays. I’ve planned 6 episodes for a series and written 3 of them already.

More news to come!



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